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Firenze, the beautiful frame of Nemoland

Florence is a wonderful city, rich, ancient but also merciless, yes, merciless and cruel, because every day it reminds us of what we have been and the difficulty of measuring ourselves against the beauty it has been able to produce and the popularity that has brought it to be considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and for this reason, in every sense, it is not easy to live up to it.

Just as it is not easy to organize something that can pay homage to its fame and comparable to its magnificence.

We at the Nemo Academy presumptuously tried, and for this reason we have been organizing Nemoland for years, an event that aims to raise awareness of the new frontiers of creativity, in search of new expressive models and new innovative formulas in sectors such as: concept design, animation and character design, but to live up to a city like this we had to aim very high, so we decided to invite the best in these sectors, and we turned to the most important characters who animate such vital sectors of creativity, the number one of these disciplines.

Thus, for years, in the same setting that gave rise to the Renaissance, with Nemoland the rebirth of art and imagination has been renewed with masters from all over the world who share their experiences and their professionalism together with young Italian talents.
In those days, Florence dresses up in creativity, once again becoming an important artistic center of gravity and thus aligning itself with the most modern trends of the new creative disciplines.
We don’t know if we managed to live up to the city, certainly she remembers what she was in those days.

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Nemoland Award

Nemoland Award to Best Artist
The award is an important acknowledgment of the work done by the artist.
Every year the award is designed and created by Paolo Chiari, an important Florentine artist and delivered during the days of the workshop in the beautiful locations chosen for the event, from the Salone dei 500 in Palazzo Vecchio to the Sala Luca Giordano in Palazzo Medici Riccardi to the Sala Grande of the Palagio in Florence.
The sculpture represents a drawing pencil imprisoned inside a rock, and as in the famous story, only a few manage to extract it thanks to their art.

The Nemoland awards are divided into:
NEMOLAND Award” in recognition of the best artist of the year and “NEMOLAND Legend“, recognition to those artists who have made history in the entertainment world.

Partnership – Florence Art High school

Nemoland is an event organized with the important partnership of the Liceo Artistico of Florence.
Thanks to the sensitivity towards innovation of this important institute, Nemoland has been able to bring the wonderful art of international entertainment to thousands of young Italian talents.
Professors Luca Carini and Claudio Pini collaborate closely with the Nemoland organization to be able to give their students the best experience every year.
Many editions took place inside the magnificent Aula Magna, surrounding the artists in their performances with incredible bas-reliefs.
liceo artistico di porta romana

Art High School of Porta Romana and Sesto Fiorentino – Firenze

The Institute has a history that dates back to 1869, the year of its first establishment and subsequently transformed over the years into a school that has always responded to the needs of the territory and the labor market in the field of cultural, artistic and technical training. Testimonies are the numerous artists, set designers, architects and designers, fashion stylists and costume designers who studied and taught at the school of Porta Romana to name a few: Sandro Chia, Galileo Chini, Fernando Farulli, Marcello Guasti, Leonardo Mattioli, Ottone and Bruno Rosai, Armando Spadini, Giuliano Vangi, Lucio Venna, the stylist Enrico Coveri, the director Franco Zeffirelli, the costume designers Anna Anni and Gabriella Pescucci, Oscar winner in 1994 for the film “The Age of Innocence”. The Institute has a cultural heritage consisting of the Gipsoteca which preserves plaster reproductions from antiquity to the 20th century with particular attention to the Renaissance, the Library specialized in Applied Arts and important collections such as the Oriental Art collection, the Amy A. Bernardy, the nineteenth-century photographic fund and the photographic society archive.

In recent years it has hosted prestigious events, such as Nemoland with internationally renowned artists such as Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, Eric Goldberg, Alex Orrelle and Jp Vine, Florian Satzinger, Stephen Silver, Robin A. Linn, Giuliano Cenci and Paolo Chiari, Alex Orrelle, Liron Topaz.

Currently the school is able to offer a two-year and three-year high school course with the courses of Figurative Arts, Design, Audiovisual and Multimedia and Graphics, as well as a two-year advanced specialization course with specializations in the sectors of Furniture, Graphic Arts , Plastic Decoration, Pictorial Decoration, Advertising Graphics and Photography, Fashion and Costume, Jewelery and Ceramics. In addition, various specific and targeted courses are held as the school is a training agency with accreditation from the Tuscany Region for ISO 9001:2000 training.

Since 2010, following the scholastic reform of the Italian secondary school, the Istituto Statale d’Arte of Florence has taken the name of Liceo Artistico di Porta Romana and Sesto Fiorentino as the seat of the former art institute of Sesto Fiorentino is combined with the address in ceramic art.