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Tony Benedict &
Willie Ito

The 17th edition of NEMOLAND will be held on 30 September and 1 October in the prestigious setting of the Odeon Hall in Florence, with an edition dedicated to the world of Hanna and Barbera.
Over 600 students from the art schools of the Nemo Academy and the Porta Romana art school were present at the event.
Two incredible days of workshops with two internationally renowned guests, Tony Benedict and Willie Ito.

The event is by invitation only.

Nemoland 2019
nemo legend 2019

Tony Benedict

Hollywood brought Tony to the front gate of Walt Disney’s Cartoon Studio in 1956. After a long and intense period of training to become an extremely skilled character animator, he was fired. So UPA had an opening for a well-trained low-wage assistant animator.
nemo legend 2019

Willie Ito

While he was a student, Willie was hired at Walt Disney Productions to work in the animation department. “Lady and the Tramp” was in production and he found himself working on the iconic “spaghetti kiss” scene.