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Stephen Silver &
Robin A. Linn

Nemoland 2011 this year will take place in the first week of May, in the two splendid locations in Florence, the “Salone dei 500” in Palazzo Vecchio and in the Aula Magna at the Istituto Statale d’Arte di Porta Romana
The two guest artists are multi-talented character creator Stephen Silver for Disney and Warner Bros, and animation doyen and artist manager Robin A. Linn of Reel FX Creative Studios.

The two guests were awarded the special NEMOLAND 2011 prize for their commitment to popularizing animation.
Nemoland 2011 Award to: STEPHEN SILVER, Best Artist and ROBIN LYNN, Best Artist

Nemoland 2011
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Stephen Silver

Stephen Silver was born in London, England on August 30, 1972. He aspired all his life to become a professional artist knowing that drawing would be his calling. Silver got his professional start in 1992 as a caricaturist. In 1993, he started his own company, called Silvertoons illustration.
nemo legend 2011

Robin A. Linn

Robin worked at Hanna-Barbera Cartoons as a sculptor. For years he spent his days sculpting maquettes for the animators. With the birth of the digital world, Robin leaves H&B and goes to work for Sony Pictures Imageworks, where he arrives as a digital modeler before “going to the dark side” of artist management.