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Alex Orrelle &
JP Vine

After the 2005 edition with the legends of animation Don Bluth and Gary Goldman, Nemoland – behind the scenes of the imagination, returns this year to the third appointment within the events of the “Genio Fiorentino” with 2 fantastic appointments.
workshop in the fantastic setting of the prestigious Istituto Statale d’Arte in Florence and in the fantastic location of Palazzo Medici Riccardi.
The Workshop gave young Florentine students the opportunity to learn about the secrets “behind” the production of important productions in world animated cinema.

The meeting, which took place in two important moments, had three important animators as protagonists who revealed through “live” drawings, computer animations and “UNPUBLISHED” video contributions on how to become a top-level professional. A unique opportunity for students to meet together 3 artists who have made the history of animated cinema.

Nemoland 2008
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Alex Orrelle

Alex Orrelle is first and foremost, an artist and a storyteller.  His keen sense of style and ability to create unforgettable character performances are his trademarks. When Alex and his wife Michelle founded Crew 972 in 2005, the London-born, Tel Aviv-raised  animation director fulfilled a lifelong dream of creating an animation studio of his own.

nemo legend 2008

JP Vine

I started as theatre designer, and I found my way into animation. Now I’m an Animation director, Story Artist and designer. I was lucky to work as a director at Aardman animations where I directed episodes of the Emmy award winning Shaun the Sheep, and boarded on the feature Pirates: Band of Misfits.”

nemoland special guest

Giuliano Cenci

During the first two days of the event, in addition to watching the beautiful film “A puppet named Pinocchio”, the GENIO FIORENTINO award was awarded to master Cenci by the President of the Province of Florence Matteo Renzi.