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Alex Orrelle,
Paolo Chiari &
Florian Satzinger

Comparison between Traditional, 3D and Stop Motion Animation Cinema
Nemoland – behind the scenes of the imagination, returns again this year thanks to the sensitivity towards innovation of the Province of Florence within the events of the “Florentine Genius” with two fantastic appointments.
4 days of Workshop with three great artists
Alex Orrelle from Pixar, Paolo Chiari fantasy sculptor and Florian Satzinger incredible characters designer.

In addition to the 3 artists, we also had the pleasure of meeting Laura Moazedi, who revealed to us how it is possible to use the incredible characters of Florian Satzinger as a product communication design.

Nemoland 2009
nemo legend 2009

Alex Orrelle

Brilliant creative director and animator for Pixar for the films “The incredibles” “Finding Nemo”, “Monster inc” and other TV series.
nemo legend 2009

Paolo Chiari

Model sculptor and character creator. Known worldwide for his Fantasy characters made of plasticine or wood.
Fantasy characters such as elves, witches, dragons and mushrooms come to life from the magic of this incredible sculptor.

nemo legend 2009

Florian Satzinger

Student of the legendary animator and director Disney, MGM at Hanna-Barbera Ken Southworth(“Alice In Wonderland”, “Cinderella”, “Tom & Jerry”, “Woody Woodpecker”, “The Flintstones”), Florian Satzinger has always been influenced by classic animation.