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Victor Navone & Sandro Cleuzo

Workshop on Animated Cinema. two great artists will tell us their success stories in the fantastic Florentine settings of the prestigious Art School of Florence and in the historic Palazzo del Palagio. The meetings are reserved for a selection of students from the fifth year of the art institutes of the Tuscany Region and for the students of the NEMO Academy. The Workshop will give young students the opportunity to learn about the secrets “behind” the production of important productions in the world of animated cinema. Each day includes a question and answer session with the authors.
After the incredible artists of 2012, Nemoland returns in April with two artists who are making the history of animated cinema and come from two of the most important interpreters of this wonderful art, from the Pixar and Dreamworks studios.

The two winners of the prestigious NEMOLAND 2013 award are the eclectic animator and character designer Sandro Cleuzo from Dreamworks and the incredible animator from Pixar studios, Victor Navone, animator of the unforgettable Monster and inc.

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Victor Navone

Victor Navone is a traditional artist and computer animator. He has a degree in Fine Arts from the University of California, Irvine and worked for several years in the computer gaming industry as a Conceptual Designer and 3d Artist. In 1998 Navone began studying 3D character animation on his spare time.
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Sandro Cleuzo

He was always a big fan of the Disney animated films and shorts and even as a kid, he could tell that they had a high quality level, different than the other cartoons on TV and started to think that animation like that is what he wanted to do. At 14 he acquired the famous Preston Blair book and started to learn how to animate following the samples in the book.

Nemoland award 2013

The awards ceremony for the two artists took place in the setting of Palazzo Palagio in Florence.
The president of the jury Federica Fabbri awarded the Anerican artist Victor Navone, while the prize was awarded to Sandro Cleuzo by Maestro Giuliano Cenci

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