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Giuliano Cenci

In its first appointment, Nemoland – the behind the scenes of science fiction and fantasy, aims to give visibility to that art called “Backstage” or “Invisible Art”, or all the work that includes research, study, design graphics and stylistics, final layouts and final renderings of the entertainment world.
Workshops and direct meetings with industry professionals give the public the opportunity to know and above all experience the secrets that lie “behind” the production of comics, cartoons and special effects in cinema.
Making-of previews of important animated film productions, new TV series, but also retrospectives on traditional animation.
Appointment in Pescara on 3/4/5 June 2004, at the Marina di Pescara Tourist Port and the De Cecco Auditorium. The event, proposed by the Adventure and Visualia consortia, is promoted by the Chamber of Commerce of Pescara and the Municipality of Pescara – Department of Culture.

Nemoland 2004
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Giuliano Cenci

During the first two days of the event, in addition to watching the beautiful film “A puppet named Pinocchio”, the GENIO FIORENTINO award was awarded to master Cenci by the President of the Province of Florence Matteo Renzi.

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