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Isao Takahata &
Tom Bancroft

In this tenth edition, the years have passed quickly and inexorably but they have had the merit of making the event grow with the presence of the most important and famous names in the world of animation, and to crown these ten years of continuous success this year we wanted to propose the meeting of two universes, two ways of conceiving animation, the Japanese and the American one, different and complementary at the same time, we wanted to ideally combine their experiences by inviting two first-rate characters at the same time: Isao Takahata and Tom Bancroft. The first, has worked as director and producer on many films by Hayao Miyazaki, as well as co-founder together with his friend of the prestigious Studio Ghibli, he will tell us about the entire creative process of his latest masterpiece just released in Japan The tale of princess Kaguya ; and the American animator, one of the most important animators and character designers who will tell us about his countless experiences as well as Disney collaborations on masterpieces such as Mulan, Pocahontas and Brother Bear.

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Isao Takahata

Takahata was born in Mie Prefecture, although he spent most of his childhood and adolescence in Okayama Prefecture. He grew up in an environment where he had the opportunity to approach literature and music from an early age, and one of his first interests was the history of art, which he would undertake as a course of study.
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Tom Bancroft

At Disney, Bancroft contributed animation to 10 feature films, 5 short films, and numerous projects and commercials. Among the feature films: “Beauty and the Beast”, “The Lion King”, “Aladdin”, “Mulan”, “Koda Brother Bear”. He was also character designer and director for Big Idea Productions, which created the family-friendly video series “Veggietales.”

Artists present at Nemoland 2014

In addition to the two award-winning guests, other important guests will be present at the event, Florian Satzinger, character designer and winner of the 2009 Nemoland award, Yoichi Kotabe and Takashi Namiki already winners of the 2013 Nemoland award.
It will be Maestro Kotabe himself who will introduce his brotherly friend Isao Takahata to the Italian public.

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