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Theodore Thomas

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Theodore Thomas

Award-winning director and writer Ted Thomas, son of legendary animator Frank Thomas, was born in 1951 and raised in Los Angeles.
Long stays in India and Japan, and world travels with a camera, eventually lead him to filmmaking. His first film is about a master musician from South India, and his second about a young boy growing up in the countryside of a changing Japan. These two jobs landed him a position at Disney Studios, developing films for EPCOT and Disneyland Tokyo. After Disney, his work receives attention in National Geographic Society specials, projects with PBS, and independent productions. He has been collaborating with his partner and wife Kuniko Okubo for thirty years, making award-winning documentaries such as: “Where the Toys Come From”, “Frank and Ollie”, “Walt & El Grupo”, and “Growing Up With Nine Old Men”.
A Sundance Institute member and California Arts Council Screenwriting Fellowship recipient, Thomas is also a photographer and traditional jazz musician. A student of the American Field Service in Brazil in high school, he majored in cultural anthropology and Asian studies at Callison College at the University of the Pacific, and later received the Distinguished Alumnus Award of this institution. His filmmaking honors include an Emmy, a Writers Guild Award, two more Writers Guild nominations, an International Documentary Association Award nomination, a Golden Gate Award from the San Francisco International Film Festival, and a People’s Choice Award from Houston International. Film Festival, an Ambassador Award from the San Joaquin International Film Festival, and an award as a distinguished documentary from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
theodore thomas & andreas deja

Nemoland 2015

Nemoland returns on April 15th and 16th with an incredible edition dedicated to “Disney Magic”. Animation legend Andreas Deja, director and writer Theodore Thomas and producer Kuniko Okubo received the Nemoland Legend award for the important role they have played and still have in the world of animation.

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