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John Pomeroy

Director, character design, animator

© John Pomeroy – pic from johnpomeroy.com

John Pomeroy

In 1973, John began working at the Walt Disney Company as a background artist, and after only a short year he was grateful to earn the role of full animator to work on Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too—a beloved classic that went on to earn an Academy Award Nomination.
During his time at Disney, John met fellow animators Don Bluth and Gary Goldman. They hit it off almost immediately and set to work on an independent short film entitled, Banjo the Woodpile Cat. That labor of love paved the way for him, Bluth, Goldman, and several other Disney animators to form Don Bluth Productions—which, later, became Bluth Group. Together, they went on to produce The Secret of NIMH (1982), as well as the animation for the laserdisc video games Space Ace and Dragon’s Lair—which was most recently highlighted in Netflix’s Stranger Things.

In 1986, John Pomeroy worked as the directing animator and producer on An American Tail and, shortly thereafter, The Land Before Time, before he moved back to America in 1989 to form a new U.S. wing of Bluth Group, which eventually became Sullivan Bluth Studios.
When Sullivan Bluth Studios closed in 1995, John returned to Disney to work as the supervising animator on Pocahontas, where he also designed and led a crew of fourteen animators to create the character of John Smith.
He was also a supervising animator for Fantasia 2000, and an animator for Treasure Planet, Curious George, The Simpsons Movie. John was the lead character designer for Milo Thatch on Atlantis: The Lost Empire.


© John Pomeroy – pictures and bio from johnpomeroy.com

John Pomeroy John Smith
John Pomeroy & Victor Navone

Nemoland 2018

The 16th edition of NEMOLAND 2018 will be held on October 1 in the prestigious setting of the Odeon Hall in Florence, with an edition dedicated to Disney animation and the history of animated cinema.
Over 600 students from the art schools of the Nemo Academy and the Porta Romana art school were present at the event.
Two incredible days of workshops with two internationally renowned guests, John Pomeroy and Victor Navone.

The event is by invitation only.

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