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Andreas Deja

Andreas Deja first applied for a job as a Disney animator at the age of 10. Born in Poland and raised in Germany, he recalls writing to the studio immediately after seeing “The Jungle Book.” “I’d never seen a Disney movie before,” she recalls. “It was such a life-changing experience because I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. All those drawings that moved and thought and acted so real.”
The Studio replies to Deja explaining that it is not possible at the moment but that they are always looking for new talent. This offers him the encouragement he needs and the motivation to work hard towards this goal.

At the age of 20, after completing his studies, he applied again and this time he was accepted.
Working with Eric Larson, one of Disney’s legendary Nine Old Men, Deja completes extensive testing and does his first character designs, costume research and animation for “Taron and the Magic Pot.
His next assignment is “Basil the Mouse Detective”, where he animates the Mouse Queen and her robotic twin. Deja helped design many of the characters on ‘Oliver & Company’, and did some animation before spending a year in London as lead animator on ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit‘, under the direction of Richard Williams.

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Andreas Deja on his desk © Andreas Deja

In “The Little Mermaid,” Deja animates King Triton, a powerful figure who requires drawing and acting skills. For Disney’s Academy Award-winning animated musical “Beauty and the Beast,” he is supervising animator for the first of his many Disney villains, the pompous and narrow-minded Gaston.
Deja continues to explore his darker side by designing and animating the evil vizier Jafar for Disney’s animated musical “Aladdin” (1992).
He later supervised animator on the power-hungry villain Scar in “The Lion King,” which is not only one of Walt Disney Studios’ most successful films, but quickly earns a place as one of the industry’s greatest films of all time. times.
For the next assignment, Deja moved to Disney’s Paris headquarters to supervise the animation of Mickey Mouse on “Runaway Brain”: Disney’s first new Mickey Mouse short since 1953, nominated for an Academy Award for Best Animated Short in 1996.
He later returned to Burbank, where he took on the task of bringing to life and giving personality to the hero of Disney’s 35th feature film, “Hercules“.

He then takes care of the design and animation supervision of Lilo, the charming and unpredictable Hawaiian girl of “Lilo & Stitch“, which is considered one of the most entertaining and imaginative films of the Studio. Deja assists in the animation of several characters in Disney’s live action film / animated musical “Enchanted“, and is one of the supervising animators on the film which marks the return to the big screen of Goofy in the short film “Come Hook Up Your Home Theater“.
He is also supervising animator of the Disney film in traditional animation “The Princess and the Frog”, from 2009. Deja supervises the animation of Tigger for the new Winnie the Pooh film, released in 2011. In 2007 he was honored with the Winsor award McKay from ASIFA (International Film Animated Association).
At the moment Andreas Deja is working on his own independent animated shorts.

andreas deja & theodore thomas

Nemoland 2015

Nemoland returns on April 15th and 16th with an incredible edition dedicated to “Disney Magic”. Animation legend Andreas Deja, director and writer Theodore Thomas and producer Kuniko Okubo received the Nemoland Legend award for the important role they have played and still have in the world of animation.

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